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About Us

Hobbies on the web is a trading name of Aspen House Marketing Ltd. We are a family business who started in 1995 and have been producing special offers for over 20 years.

We are passionate about our pastimes and love to inspire creative people to get involved and enjoy the many benefits a hobby can bring.

We always have a great range of special hobby and interest DVDs and books for sale and you can see these here on our site and in our many newspaper and magazine offers.

Are you one of the UK's millions of interesting people who have a hobby or a special interest?

We have plans to offer the very best courses and hobby holidays in the coming months. Sign up to our newsletter and we'll let you know all about them.

This year we are supporting three local enterprises who have taken their hobby passion to the next level and are turning it into a business.

It's a brave and exciting thing to do and we wish them the very best.

Discover the beautiful and enchanting fine art portraits and fairy-tale images at Deanne Ward Photography.

Singer /songwriter Roxx has an amazing soulful voice and is already collaborating with some big names.

And the bespoke handmade Jewellery at Deevine Studios is breath-taking, look out for a new collection coming soon.

Hobbies on the web - Interesting people doing interesting things.